Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Art Connects: Share your Story

Our 2009 message is "Art connects." and we need your help identifying the way this has happened in years or generations past. We are looking for true, amazing, sweet, far-fetched, curious, and unexpected ways that Art Alliance Austin (now and in the past) connects people, ideas, organizations, etc.

It can be one connection or a series of them. It can be something you know about or a personal connection. Essentially, it's like the parlor game "Six Degrees of Separation" but it can be any number and doesn't have to be about only.

Example: Art Connects Generations

(pictured left) A group from Summit Senior Living was invited by Art Alliance Austin member Christa Smith to exhibit their art during Art + Style on 2ND Street where the "I am ____." project, commissioned by Art Alliance Austin was headquartered. Through conversation, it was discovered that Norma Mees, artist and resident shown here, previously exhibited her work at Fiesta (now Art City Austin).

: Click on the "Comments" link below and post your story. When everyone has told their stories, we will have a wealth of connections that we can use to illustrate our point.

Thank you for helping us tell our story!